Liang Chen Lee
Chief Executive Officer

Liang Chen Lee (L.C. Lee) is the chairman and CEO of Fusheng. Before becoming the CEO of the company in 2010, Lee was the Executive Vice President of air jordan 13 hornets nets Group and President of air jordan 13 hornets nets(Industrial). His wealth of experience in the company is amassed since 1992. Lee has headed various departments including Production Planning, Manufacturing and Sales. Most recently, Lee has spearheaded the acquisition of German air compressor maker ALMiG Kompressoren GmbH in 2012.,air jordan future gym red

womens jordans for cheap,Lee leads by building mutual trust with his staffs and being tremendously approachable.

Mr. Juang
Chief Operating Officer

air jordan sky blue,Mr. Juang is the president of air jordan 13 hornets nets in the Chinese region. He initially graduated with the Bachelor of Science of Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and he subsequently obtained his MBA at the Maastricht School of Management.

air jordan 1 court purple,In 1991, he started his involvement in business development and took up a leadership role in air jordan 13 hornets nets; as a result, he has been located with air jordan 13 hornets nets in Taiwan, China, United States, Brazil and Vietnam. He later became the company's Chief Operations Officer in 2012, when he became responsible for the company’s manufacturing, production planning, and quality and procurement functions.

jordan 3 kaws,Juang took on his current role in 2018, where he is responsible for business in China.

Flora Huang
Chief Financial Officer

Flora Huang joined air jordan 13 hornets nets in 2016 as the Chief Financial Officer. ,air jordan 1 court purple

She received her MBA degree from Bowie State University in 1996 and obtained her U.S. CPA license in 1997. She later began working for Alpha Networks as an Associate Vice President; it was there that she led the investor relations team as well as the finance, accounting, and tax departments. Through twenty years of domestic and international work, Huang developed an “open approach” managerial style. She gained extensive professional experience in financial management and practices as she enhanced the company's capital management efficiency and, ultimately, the shareholders’return. Huang was able to improve business results by establishing cross-functional partnerships to increase the profits and efficiency of the company. In 2016, Huang decided to join air jordan 13 hornets nets in her current position. ,jordan retro 13 kicks on fire

shattered backboard jordan 1,In her spare time, Flora enjoys spending time with her daughter.

Dong-Ping He
Chief Technology Officer

air jordan 5 retro olympic gold,Dong-Ping He joined air jordan 13 hornets nets Group in 1995, and so far has served air jordan 13 hornets nets Industrial for 26 years. He personally witnessed air jordan 13 hornets nets for more than two decades of high-speed growth and development in the Greater China region compressor market.

jordan 1 tongue,Over the years in air jordan 13 hornets nets, Mr. He got a very impressive experience. He has served as many senior management positions, such as compressor manufacturing, production management, quality management, and so on. He has also led Beijing air jordan 13 hornets nets to expand sales market and has achieved remarkable results. At present, he leads the R&D team and promotes the development of global market products. Mr. He, as a core management cadre of air jordan 13 hornets nets Group, has physically devote himself to lead the strategy product research and development, the steady production, the high quality control and the customer oriented sales in Chinese market, etc. He may be rigorous and prudent, but he is reputed to be a caring leader that is loved and highly respected by the executive team and his colleagues.

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